Metzner TAKES OVER Max Müller

August 29, 2007

With the takeover of MAX MÜLLER, the well-known manufacturer of cutting machines for the rubber and plastics industry, Metzner is further expanding its product range.

Neu-Ulm, 29.08.2007. Metzner Maschinenbau GmbH is taking over the internationally renowned machine manufacturer MAX MÜLLER on 1 September 2007, thus expanding its product range in the rubber and plastics processing sector. "I am pleased that both MAX MÜLLER and Metzner customers will benefit from a broader product range as a result of the takeover," said Gerhard Rauch, Managing Director of Metzner.

MAX MÜLLER products have stood for excellent processing quality for decades and are still internationally valued and in demand due to their robust and high-performance design.

In May 2006, the traditional company MAX MÜLLER, founded in 1889, had to file for insolvency and was initially taken over by the engineering services provider Brunel before the company was transferred to Metzner on 01.09.2007. Brunel realized that the engineering products did not harmonize with the existing business model of the service company.

Metzner is now aiming for the complete integration of MAX MÜLLER into Metzner over the next few months. The main focus will be on the integration of MAX MÜLLER products into the existing Metzner product range. In a further step, existing MAX MÜLLER sales structures are to be continued or renewed so that MAX MÜLLER products can continue to be sold worldwide. Parallel to this, Metzner is seeking communication with the existing MAX MÜLLER customer base in order to provide existing MAX MÜLLER customers with spare parts seamlessly and to ensure that the machines can be delivered.

Metzner expects the full integration of MAX MÜLLER into the Metzner structures to be completed by December 1 at the latest. Former employees of MAX MÜLLER were offered a takeover bid as part of the takeover.

With the takeover, Metzner is expanding its product portfolio to include the product groups of impact knife machines, mandrel cutting machines and eccentric cutting technology, thus offering a completely comprehensive product range - and thus the optimum solution for cutting rubber and plastics.