Metzner takes over additional division

June 6, 2011

Metzner Maschinenbau GmbH takes over the "Automation Solutions for Carbide Tools" division from Manz Tübingen GmbH and thus becomes a leading manufacturer of complex process automation for the production of carbide tools.

Neu-Ulm, 06.06.2011. Metzner Maschinenbau GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of cutting and assembly machines for cable, rubber and plastics processing, has acquired the "Automation solutions for the production of indexable inserts made of carbide or ceramic powder" division of the internationally active company Manz Tübingen GmbH as of June 1, 2011. By opening up this new business field, Metzner is consciously aiming to complement its existing business. Gerhard Rauch, Managing Director of Metzner: "After the past few years, it was important to us to position Metzner more broadly and thus economically more securely. The new business field is an important step in this direction for us".

The company Manz Tübingen GmbH, has built up, developed and successfully marketed the business area "Automation solutions for carbide tools" internationally for 20 years. In recent years, however, Manz Tübingen GmbH has developed from an automation specialist to a supplier of process equipment for the industrial production of lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, as well as lightweight components made of carbon fiber composites. As a result of the rapid development in these areas, the decision was made to part with the hard metal tools division as part of a strategic realignment and focusing. The separation is thus exclusively due to the focus on these strongly growing business areas. Albrecht Werner, Managing Director of Manz Tübingen GmbH: "The strategic decision was not an easy one for us to make after more than 20 years of successful activity as a supplier of automation solutions for the hard metal industry. We are all the more pleased that in Metzner we have found a competent successor who has the necessary resources, know-how and development opportunities to further advance this business division".
Metzner will take over Manz's entire product portfolio in the carbide sector and will immediately start producing and marketing it. Thanks to the contractually agreed cooperation between Metzner and Manz, customer requests can be fulfilled without any transitional complications. Manz Tübingen GmbH will also provide all necessary support for new and further developments of the automation processes. In addition, Metzner will also take over the previous sales representative for the carbide sector.

Interchangeable blades
The production of interchangeable blades requires, due to the high quantities, low unit prices and high technical requirements, a largely fully automated machining process. This is why it has been the industry's ambition for about 20 years to consistently automate this manufacturing process, which consists of several steps. Powerful robots in combination with reliable image processing systems and a highly flexible and comfortable user interface play an important role in this process. Indexable inserts are available in various shapes and sizes, which are used in accordance with the specific application.