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Switch Cabinet Construction

Electrical cabinets contain the electrical and electronic components of a process engineering system, a machine tool, or production equipment that is not directly located in the machine. They are manufactured by special switch cabinet builders or by the machine manufacturers themselves. To save costs, there are automation solutions that are not only worthwhile for large production series, but are also suitable for the more efficient and economical production of individual and small series. Metzner offers a unique and comprehensive system solution to reduce your expenses in switchgear construction. Depending on your requirements, different stripping and crimping machines are available, which differ in terms of design, performance and degree of automation.



Metzner Triathlon Series

  • for precise cutting to length and one- or two-sided stripping at the exact position
  • for crimping the ferrules (single- and double-sided)
  • for individual labelling of strands with different printing methods
  • for sorting the strands according to assembly groups

Triathlon 2000

Inexpensive entry-level model for cutting to length and stripping strands with a cross section from 0.14 to 6 mm² and crimping ferrules of up to 4 mm² as well as for automatic individual wire marking.

Triathlon 3000

Enables crimping of ferrules of up to 4 mm² cross-section, cable processing of up to 35 mm² and 15 mm diameter as well as automatic labelling of all cable wires with inkjet or thermal transfer printing.

Triathlon 3000+

The most flexible model with modular crimping unit, which allows automatic crimping of up to 6 mm² wire cross section – for quick expansion of processing possibilities.

Triathlon Soft®

Software compatible with all Triathlon models for creating digital switch cabinet layouts with automatic length calculation for all strands, cable ducts and top-hat rails.

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