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DereeliNG & Feeding

For optimal results when processing cables, secure transport to the machine is an important pre-requisite. Metzner offer many solutions for unrolling and feeding. Whether the materials come from a drum or a spool or weigh ten, a hundred or a thousand hundredweights. The product spectrum goes from passive or motorised unwinders, material feeder units, loop controls and linear accumulators right up to caterpillar haul-off units.



Metzner Dereel and Feed Units

  • For motorised dereeling
  • For passive unwinding of braided and plain cables with less tension-sensitivity
  • For passive unwinding of corrugated tubes and wound cable bundles
  • To control feeding speed and act as reserve quantity
  • For unwinding from an undriven device
  • For contact-free speed control
  • For careful transport of extruded rubber profiles

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