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Fly-Knife Cutting Machines

Tubes are flexible elongated hollow bodies with mostly round cross sections, in contrast to inflexible tubes. A tube can be used as a conduit for conveying solid, liquid and gaseous substances, can serve as their container, or can be given desired properties by a medium inside. Tubes are also used as protective sheathing, for insulation, or for thermal insulation. Depending on the intended use, tubes are made of different materials, such as rubber, synthetic rubber or plastic. They can also be reinforced with a fabric insert, for example pneumatic tubes. Metzner has been developing and designing production machinery for tube machining for nearly three decades. Fly-knife cutting machines are used as soon as tubes have to be cut in very large quantities. They achieve up to 4000 cuts per minute with one knife and, if required, an even higher cutting performance with multiple knives.



Metzner Dynamat-Series

  • for outstanding cutting performance of up to 4000 cuts per minute
  • for "stop-and-go" cut or continuous cut
  • for precise length measurement with measuring wheel or overtravel measurement
  • for long knife life

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